Eerie Earfuls

Eerie Earfuls 09: Tremors & Jaws

July 13, 2020

Originally released 9/18/2018

In this episode, we discuss creature features and aquatic horror. Get stranded with us as we compare the 1990 creature feature Tremors and the 1975 blockbuster inventor itself, Jaws.

Plus, we discuss the ensuing wave of Jaws rip offs and sequels, shark symbolism, and machismo.

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  • “Baba Yaga”, “Anxiety”, and “Night of Chaos” by Kevin MacLeod
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  • "Main Title and First Victim" by John Williams (Jaws Anniversary Collector's Edition (2000), Decca)
  • "Man Against Beast" by John Williams (Jaws Anniversary Collector's Edition (2000), Decca)
  • Clips from Jaws (2012, Universal Pictures)
  • "The Tank" by Robert Folk (Tremors, Universal)
  • "Val, Earl, & Rhonda" by Ernest Troost (Tremors Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2000), Intrada)
  • "Pt. 1 "Adoration of the Earth", Introduction" by Stravinsky, Bernstein, & the New York Philharmonic Orchestra (Stravinsky: Le Sacre Du Printemps (2013), Sony Classical)

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